Let's understand

Let's understand His owls this are not difficult for convicting.

To think up a penalty, punishment for it.

To be indignant and indignant, let off steam.

Let's understand better how to help the child and it to the truth suddenly prefers lie What is lie, its motives, its undercurrentsThe relentless statistics considers that about % of children lie, and not only , and even school students, on a drostka.

But before starting to lie purposely, the benok often says lies, without understanding it.

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Why at us Chromosomal

Why at us Chromosomal That is why one is studied not, and it is a lot of blood cells.

Sometimes, but not in all cases, at the child with mosaic type defeat is expressed less.

Why at us Chromosomal violations occur casually.

You cannot cause them that not so did something during pregnancy.

The woman is born with a certain set of the ova, new for life are not developed.

The more long there lives an ovum, the high probability of that something will occur to it incorrectly.

Why it happens with spermatozoa a riddle.

New spermatozoa are constantly created by an organism.

Such concept as the old spermatozoon, does not exist.

For any unclear reasons the risk of a nedorasshchepleniye in spermatozoa increases, when to the man in years.

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At morning

At morningIn this case we will allow only easy carbohydrate tea with honey, , a chocolate slice, etc The food is desirable for accepting in , hours prior to the beginning of Intensive physical activities and not earlier than in minutes after the completion of trainin and only the easy.

Distribution of a daily diet on separate receptions should correspond to time of physical occupations.

At morning occupations with big physical activity power value of a breakfast a little decreases and value of a dinner increases.

At intensive evening lessons power value and a breakfast and a dinner raises.

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The first

The firstCrotch cut or in the direction to back pass perineotomiya, or from top to bottom and a little sideways at an angle ° a median and lateral epiziotomiya.

The first type of a cut is more effective, but is sometimes fraught with serious complications especially if the cut is torn to a rectum.

The second type is less dangerous, but, unfortunately, can worse heal.

Much more often in childbirth use the second type of a cut as if necessary it can be prolonged and there is no danger to touch an anus.

The cut is usually carried out without anesthesia.

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Movement Correct step.

Move in three planes, alternating these dvizhea niya.

Movement up down most of all calms the child; it turns out better, when you go, crossing from a sock on a heel, slightly rising and falling.

Correct rhythm.

Best of all calms the child a rhythm of steps in a minute consider about itself eleven time, eleven two etc This rhythm corresponds to pulse of the child in a womb.

Continue dance, forces at the dancer will not run low yet or your child will not calm down.

Change partners.

Children got used to movements of mother for kneading tsev of prenatal life more.

And still to change partners it is necessary.

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