Seasonal fluctuations

Seasonal fluctuationsPri the primary use of the refined products sugar, products from a flour of the premiums, the cleared rice, etc.

arrives few vitamins of group of V.

Pri a long food by only vegetative food the lack of Bn vitamin develops.

Seasonal fluctuations of the content of vitamins B foodstuff.

During the winter and spring period in vegetables and fruit the amount of vitamin C, in dairy products and eggs decreases vitamins A and D.

Besides, a FOOD AND HERBAL MEDICINE by AETYA AT VARIOUS DISEASES becomes in the spring less range of vegetables and fruit sources of vitamins C, R and carotene provitamin A.

Wrong storage on light, at room temperature out of the refrigerator, etc.

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Before feeding

Before feedingAt kids after three months well proved mashed potatoes from baked apples without a peel, possessing ability to absorb gases and to promote intestines.

Before feeding always put the child on a tummy.

Let's to it suck too greedy and .

After feeding take the child vertically that air could leave a stomach.

At emergence of pains put to the child on a tummy a warm oil compress or massage a tummy About minutes easy stroking roundabouts clockwise.

It is possible to give to the child teaspoon of ukropny water or caraway tea.

Often newborns have a vomiting not always testifying to an illness because the factors promoting vomiting at children of this age, the horizontal arrangement of a stomach, its small volume and weakness of gastric muscles are.

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Also physical

Also physical Considerable intellectual tension of pupils which in recent years essentially increased in connection with increase in a flow of information, complication school r, a training combination in school with inservice training belongs to features of this age period also.

Also physical activity of school students increases.

The network of special schools and boarding schools with profound studying of separate subjects, with training in a foreign language every year grows, etc.

All this shows the increased requirements connected with big power consumption and with considerable consumption of food substances to an organism of the school student.

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At some

At some Once Stephen and his big brother Peter sat in several foots from each other and threw a ball therehere.

At some instant our cat approached and took seat just on a way of movement of a ball.

Stephen understood that will get to it if will throw a ball in the former direction therefore it moved a little and threw a ball to St.

Petersbur without having touched thus a cat.

Quickly developing memory of your child helps it better than a pony mother how things can be interconnected.

So, the ball at it associates with a baseball bat, a pencil with paper.

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Please, will

Please, will Others after a small bottle incorrectly take a breast therefore whenever possible try not to use it.

When the child will get stronger, pass to highgrade chest feedin passing a small bottle stage, or combine chest feeding and a small bottle that will appear better for the child and mother.

Please, will suffice.

I was tired! Important not the premature or sick child too us toychivy and obligatory feeding.

It can appear that energy spent by it will exceed received from feeding and it will raise and develop too slowly.

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