When the kid dreams

When the kid dreamsWhen you very often frighten the child and he action telno is afraid you of the givenup threats, considerin what not to protect itself, remember on this background sooner or later there can be a fear neurosis.

When the kid dreams to combine incompatible laniye and feelings, and you indulge it.

You accelerate development of neurosis of persuasive conditions.

When you give attention to the child a little, and it to your caress and love, at any cost trying to remind you of yourself, you provoke hysterical not .

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The right

The right Now, when more and more parents break councils of experts, this way of feedin fortunately, revived.

The right to return such tradition, as the general with the child has also a dream.

CAN NOT LEAVE We like to sleep with the child, and it helps, but whether there are reasons for concern Friends warn us that it will be a pity to us to send sooner or later the child in a cot and he will not want to leave.

No, and it will not be a pity to you and the child with you will leave in due time hunting.

Certainly, he will not declare at once Well everythin I am ready, allocate to me, please, a separate bed and a separate room.

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Others it is unshakable, are almost

Others it is unshakable, are almost One parents insist on trimming for the religious reasons or owing to custom, others consider it useful to health.

One young father told once to me I want, that the penis of my son did not demand big leaving.

Others it is unshakable, are almost militant on preservation of an extreme flesh.

Is also such which are frightened off by procedure.

They consider what to address with the child coming to the world, it is necessary very carefully.

The picture of trimming averts them.

If you did not make yet decisions as you to arrive with the son, read further.

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And whether

And whether However a sharp blade Prokrusta cuts souls of modern men almost the same as sparkling knifes of the ancient pierced in bodies of their boys.

Our men play those roles of which from them were demanded by our computer century.

And whether there is a right freely to choose, how to them to live the lives, at uneducated, poor, patients and less trained people in our culture To be born black, to be the woman, to live in city slums, to be the homosexual all this does not remain in our culture without consequences, everything leaves hems, irrespective of the constitution proclaiming inalienable rights.

It seems to us that we extended for a long time to ourselves rough lifestyle of ancient people for the violence directed on boys in our modern culture, is represented not less painful and deeply travmatichny.

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A surface

A surfaceCabbage meat sauce rice g carrots , onions g.

BAKED PUDDING POTATO WITH MEATCleared potatoes to boil and pass through a meat grinder.

On, the avalanche of mashed potatoes an equal layer on the oiled frying pan, from above to put the mincemeat mixed with pripushenny with butter by chopped onions, to cover it with mashed potatoes.

A surface to level! to grease with the egg mixed with sour cream, and to bake in an oven.

Potatoes meat onions eggs pieces, butter sour cream g.

BAKED PUDDING MEAT WITH MACARONISmall broken macaroni to lower in the boiling added some salt water and to cook about minutes.

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