As soon as the child

As soon as the child So, the child aspires to freedom and is afraid of it at the same time.

How it is shown He wants to make something independently, to make the decision, but here it has a fear, and he makes an act which obviously will not be pleasant to adults, will touch them and will compel to make the decision for it.

Parents, naturally, do not remain indifferent to an event, take measures, carry out control, speak, as it is necessary to arrive, a word, go on a nakatanny way.

So can repeat several times.

As soon as the child forced you to make the decision for it, it is again free! It is free from need to make independent decisions.

Now he again can be indignant with an arbitrariness of parents, shout that to it do not give freedom, to insist on the.

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Try to take

Try to take I do not like to beat the children, sobbed Alev, they do not deserve, that with them so .

Alev only provoked slaps and shouts as an admissible manner of behavior.

Rule if you want, that your child behaved more quietly, you should remain quiet.

If you shout, they too will learn to shout.

If you beat them, you teach them to fight.

Try to take a step back.

Do not enter quarrelsWicky Wells it was sure that Oliver tried to take out it from itself insults, such as I will kill you rusty .

She was angry and argued with it, but it was difficult to it to supervise his disobedience and impudence, toSmall angelsespecially because it often argued with .

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The III trimester

The III trimesterEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON to minimize reception of canned food, smoked products, solenost and marinades, and also hot spices and fat food, sausages, sausages.

What should be a diet of future mother in the III trimester this time lay the main emphasis on vegetables, fruit, nuts, salads, greens, lactic and dairy products, tselnozernovy products, dried fruits.

the III trimester observe a fivesingle diet.

Growin future kid pushes aside a stomach up a little.

Besides, the cardiovascular system tests the raised loading therefore a frequent food by small portions creates sparing mode.

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Besides at such

Besides at such Medicines at small children apply seldom Remember that the drugs applied to treatment of a diarrhea at adults, are unsafe for children.

As such preparations stop a diarrhea, slowing down intestines work, it can worsen a condition of the diseased, microbes and the infected liquid stands in an abdominal cavity, possibility of their penetration into a bloodgroove where they can provoke a serious illness increases.

Besides at such treatment stops diarrhea manifestations, but water absorption by intestines an internal diarrhea that conducts to the latent dehydration proceeds, to find which difficult.

The diarrhea at the child can be reaction to antibiotics parents together that the acidophile powder powder accepted daily during treatment by antibiotics, reduces a diarrhea.

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Show to the kid his special

Show to the kid his special Give the chance to the child to like your anticipation of an event after all kids usually are delighted with that caused such condition in you.

Correct uniform.

The most suitable suit in what mother gave rise if weather, of course, allows; it is possible to use and long spacious panties, but, please, without diapers.

Show to the kid his special training panties.

Show, how with them to address, as them to remove and again to pull.

To give to action a festive situation, take pictures while it masters a novelty, and show them to the child.

Show to the kid in front of the mirror all his movements on a snimaniye and putting on of panties.

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