The heating

The heating And attentively watch a course of procedures on fall of heat and heat liberation until the child or the house will not come to a normal state.

However we will assume that you will open windows, and the thermostat will forget vyklyu.

The heating system will continue to develop heat to come to compliance with a mark established on the thermostat, and in the house will be still hot.

Or we will present that you switched off heatin and windows did not open, thus the house will be cooled, but not so quickly.

Both both mechanisms are necessary to the hot house, and the hot child decrease in production of heat and increase in its exit.

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Besides The postnatal depression is a signal that you exceeded physical, intellectual and emotional possibilities of adaptation to the new conditions demanding big expenses of energy.

She speaks not about your insolvency, and means that ability of your body to adapt to changes is settled.

Besides the childbirth which has taken away many forces, tiresome care of the child, to a postnatal depression can make a contribution and hormonal changes.

But, though a postnatal depression and rather widespread phenomenon, it always can be avoided or, at least, to weaken its manifestation.

Pay tribute to the ugnezdeniye period.

Do not try to be everything for all at once.

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In spite of the fact

In spite of the fact Breakthroughs in growth.

In spite of the fact that cards provide equal gradual progress, the majority of children grow absolutely in a different way as though the breakthroughs, alternating pauses.

On their cards of development the moments of takeoff are replaced by the recession periods.

But there are also such children who for the first year of life have a continuous uniform addition of weight and growth.

Health and food.

The weakened kid, at least it is temporary, pe energy which should go on growth, on recovery process.

During prolonged cold growth of the child can stop; there is no breakthrough and right after a disease.

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Adults want

Adults want When the child entered the teenage period, already mother'sfather's helps are not necessary to it, because it internally is already released from pressure of adult authority.

As it was already told, it is a natural result of formation of the teenager as a result of which it finds independence.

Adults want or do not want, it will be shown more and more.

As though adults opposed, independence of the child will all the same be shown, but already in the conflict to adults.

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Show a step. Your

Show a step. Your It not always means that it was got involved in something bad.

It can be usual children's aspiration to create the world, in which rules.

Show a step.

Your confidential relations in many respects depend on it with the child.

Learn to hear between words and do not hurry to arrange at once a search in its room.

If the child hides the personal diary as it is possible further from your eyes, means, you should not pry, as they say, where it is not necessary.

But if the child as though accidentally leaves an intimate writingbook on a table, probably, thereby he asks you to read about what does not decide to tell directly.

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