If the most

If the most Usually the first the child represents or most favourite to them the member of the family, or, in his opinion, the most considerable and toritetny in the house.

If the most considerable the child itself, it, without hiding it, draws the figure of the first.

After a dovatelnost of an arrangement of other members of the family and their serial numbers point to the relation of the child to them rather for their role in a family in the opinion of the child or on their relation, according to drawin to it.

The above serial but measures at the represented member of the family, the lower it authority at the child.

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From game with

From game with He will learn to knock on cubes soon, to throw them or to put.

While it again and again shifts a cube from a hand in a hand.

It is better to begin with one cube let's to the child time get used.

Then put before it one more and look, as the kid, holding one cube in a hand, will try to seize new other hand.

He looks at hands, in each of which on a cube, and as though deliberates what to do farther.

Probably, it will start to knock them the friend about the friend.

In a month he will learn to postpone one cube to take another.

From game with cubes the kid can learn much.

He manages to do with it everything that he wants, and it encourages it to development of more difficult skill he learns to take subjects by means of only big and index fingers.

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But it not reason

But it not reason Even if your kid is already accustomed to a pot and it does not cause in it hostility, the child all the same can have troubles.

But it not reason for punishment.

It is possible to tell something it seems At everyone there are troubles.

Once absolutely young figure skater and as it is known, in figure skating of children gather since threefour years managed on training to wet panties.

The trainer, in the past the known figure skater, reacted to it philosophically Well the person, eventually can reflect However if similar forgetfulness repeats in increasing frequency, parents should reflect whether there are here no other factors Perhaps, in your family there was one more kid and the firstborn feels lonely and thrown Moving to the new house, family disorders, any changes in life of the kid can lead to delivery of Gorshkovy positions.

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For you told

For you told The feathers will dawn upon you, and under his wings will be safe; a board and a protection its truth.

You will not be frightened of horrors at nights, the arrows, flying in the afternoon, an ulcer going in a gloom, an infection devastating at midday.

One thousand and ten thousand odesny you will fall beside you; but to you will not come nearer.

You will look only your eyes and to see punishment impious.

For you told The Lord my hope; Supreme you chose your shelter.

The evil will not happen to you, and the ulcer will not come nearer to your dwelling.

For to the Angels about you to protect you on all your ways.

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However everything

However everything We cannot present with you that, on what Ben the kid from good motives.

However everything that in this list, it is simple a code la that we immediately included a control panel a benok that from a position on start rushed to the finish and that.

snatched on the kid.


we carry out it.

How more often we brush the childWe are insolent to it and we contradict, we row, to thujas, at all we do not listen to it, we go obstinate and, being irritated, all rubbish is taken out from a log hut.

We fight, teased and anger .

And parrotin apin as though nivay the kid, otvetno posing the same mugs which he posed to us.

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