Preliminary The remark both for children, and for adults do not forget that pokito give the own house it is necessary with an empty bladder.

Preliminary conditions Selection of suitable candidates.

For such highspeed training podkho only the kids, able to speak, staying in good mood and feeling desire to please the trainers.

Game situation.

Approach to this occupation as by a week of the closest communication with own child, and treat this business, as to game.

Put aside other affairs.

You should be constantly at the child during the whole period of its wakefulness, watching each its signal, gesture, a telodvizheniye saying that he tests the corresponding desires.

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To resort

To resort To use them it is recognized irrational because of the low content of salts and the high content of sugar which can strengthen a diarrhea.

To resort to them it is possible only in case you could not get solution reasonably to keep houses a small bottle in store The early beginning of feeding provides an organism with the necessary nutrients and can accelerate recovery process.

The American pediatric academy recommends renewal of normal baby food in days and a usual diet of the child in days.

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Any action takes

Any action takesThe humiliating verbal aggression parents usually try to appease fondly impulsive aggression a benka, without thinking that your kid, having become more senior, with success approves such lesson on you.

One more type of educational aggression corporal aggression aggression of a slap, stereotypic flogging.

Unequal fight in GrecoRoman wrestling of the heavyweight with an ephemerality of Thumbelina.

Any action takes a revenge counteraction.

The slap can once respond furious violence, and a flogging deliberate murder.

Brushed a benok, having matured, otvetno, as if a ricochet, will be on a stream of the aggression on own children, brushing them , prilizyvy bangs and if it is necessary, even cutting.

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Itself to thought

Itself to thought rate of the business activity, and pass to easier work better or go to long holiday.

itself to thought that pregnancy is not temporary inconvenience which it is necessary to endure, and laborious, creative and joyful activity.

to conduct a writingbook where you will write down all important dates the first day of the last periods, pregnancy term at the first visit of female consultation, the beginning and the toxicosis end, the first movement of the child and also results of all passable researches; the description of your childbirth later will increase.

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Postpone another

Postpone another Though life with the newborn is not always covered with roses, there are the ways, helping to create the good house atmosphere.

Postpone another matters.

The majority of mothers try not only to provide necessary care of the newborn, but also as soon as possible to alter a set of another matters.

Ponder, please, what sense is put in the words child care leave and leave all affairs to someone to another, and be engaged in the newborn.

The child will be a newborn only one month.

These can wait almost all affairs weeks.

Put on respectively.

Do not remove a nightgown within weeks; sit in a rockingchair and luxuriate our course of classes in adjustment of family life with the newborn so opens.

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