It confirms

It confirms Researchers found out that the content of lactose in milk of a mammal, the more his brain is higher.

It confirms great value of lactose for development of the central nervous system.

Lactose also improves digestion of the calcium necessary for growth of bones.

Lactose not only promotes growth of a brain and bones, it is necessary to intestines, thanks to it useful intestinal bacteria of Lactobacilla bufidus breed.

Vitamins, mineral salts and iron Nobody can provide the child with these substances how it mozhethose to make you.

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Svobodo lyuby

Svobodo lyuby Also fill up because of it hardly.

, can be in various mood, from the best to the worst, that in the afternoon they expect.

Usually these children quickly adapt to many attributes of the new organized collective and very long to requirements of preschool institutions.

They laid down to reconcile to any verbal punishment, not in forces to take out, when the punishment purpose imprisonment.

There is no more humiliation for them, than to stand in a corner.

Svobodo lyuby them it is boundless.

The IV type weak melancholic temperament melancholiac.

Not all scientists agree still that there is in general on light this temperament, as it simply an indicator bost of the child.

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Mary still

Mary still Mary still wants to work, but feels also requirement to support close connection with the kid.

She understands that missed in the first months it is possible to make up, and decides to plunge gradually into work, using behavior of the child as the indicator of duration of separation.

Strong attachment to the son does heavier separation from it, but, on the other hand, it and facilitates it.

At heart Mary understands that James who from the very beginning has learned care and caress, like trust to parents, will quicker get used to other person.

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In the situation

In the situation Besides, it is more convenient to parents to communicate with the child being in that is a lump a condition.

At situation the child is turned into cradles faced to mother, and it, according to researchers, best of all helps to establish connection between people.

In the situation kangaroo at the child magnificent conditions for world contemplation the review in °.

He learns to choose looks on what wants, and looks away from that does not involve it.

And possibility of a choice promotes training.

The child whom carry, joins the world more Other feature stimulating knowledge, possibility of deep penetration of the child in the world of the one who carries it is.

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Very often we provoke

Very often we provokeThe kid is afraid that you betrayed it that will not come behind it in the evening to take away home.

The kid is afraid.

Very often we provoke it ny fear.

And this fear a stress source, and attacks can be regarded it as starting mechanisms of stressful reactions.



Sometimes against a stress at the child the anger which breaks outside, written but on a face flashes.

During such moment your kid as if the small aggressor, a panther is ready to jump on the offender, defending the correctness.

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