More often

More often Danger arises only when the child for some minutes becomes blue that at temperature spasms happens seldom.

More often right after such attack the kid falls asleep unlike the frightened parents.

Lifting of the temperature which has caused spasms for the first time, can through provoke a repeated attack for an hour or two.

Therefore right after spasms it is necessary to give to the child febrifuges.

If the kid fell asleep, insert to it an atsetaminofenovy candle and do not wrap up it.

If the child does not sleep, try to give it more drink but not food that in case of repeated spasms it did not choke with pieces of food; give it and place under a shower, in a bath or rub off a damp sponge, having felt approach of a new spasm.

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Ekstrakorporalnoye And here from sex standing and poses of equestrian it is better to refuse.

After sex for bigger effect rise in a pose of birch or minutes lie down on a back.

Whether it is possible to plan a sex of the childNow there are many ways to program a sex of future child, but any of them does not give % ache guarantees of that you will give birth to the baby of a desirable floor.

Not without reason say that nothing can occur contrary to destiny.

Artificial insemination.

Ekstrakorporalnoye fertilisation allows almost from % ache probability to order the boy or the girl.

The received ovum impregnate in a test tube therefore the embryo develops.

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TerminationVitamins TerminationVitamins Signs of vitamin insufficiency Care for NAndDWITH, RBlNervous systemFast mental rDefeat of peripheral nerves of extremities, mainly the bottomNeurotic syndrome rashchrazhiteljnost, sleeplessness, depression, block; neuromuscular pains of Violation from nervous system spasms, paralyses, paresis, etc.

; disorder of a food of nervous fabrics Psychological frustration depression, mental reactions, irritability, sleeplessness, etc.

Violation of an exchange of fats in a nervous fabric, a liver, kidneys, a cardiac muscleKidneys Regeneration an epiteliya in the kidney and in urinary ways as the development reason , , cystitis the General conditionGeneral weakness, irritabilityMuscular weaknessGeneral weaknessFast mental and physical r, muscular weakness, r when walking; at a palpation morbidity of ikronozhny musclesThe reasons of insufficiency of these or those vitamins B an organism of the child r to be different from elementary deficiency of vitamins B a food allowance to serious diseases, especially gastroenteric path, or metabolic disorders.

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Therefore the kid all on business, defending

Therefore the kid all on business, defending Therefore the kid all on business, defending before us the personality, and its mentality becomes ranimy, than before, to influence ny circumstances of environment.

And here is how time you when your child, more than ever, needs you, in your his understandin and the main thing support when it is necessary to you and is necessary its weakened nervous system, as if tsialno, in addition to mental loading of crisis of three years, involuntarily shoulder the kid one more heavy cargo cargo of adaptation to a kindergarten, not a pony of May that all this will tear it.

And the part of children and really overstrains, to what testify seen of a meneniye in usual behavior of the child.

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During other

During other Sometimes the kid wants, that you simply kept it the company at the table while he eats independently.

During other time insists, that you fed him, and only your spoon.

Sometimes we play game you will take a few spoon, and mother will give you a little bit to the.

The child can accept these conditions and continue And I will give to mother a little bit.

On a visit with the small child Expression children should be visible, but whether is audible, probably, pridumaowners of restaurants.

Here some councils how to make a dinner with the kid pleasant or at least tolerable.

It is best of all, if you feed the child before going with it somewhere, or at once as soon as will come to restaurant, order for it something from the food which is not demanding to a lot of time for preparation.

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