To define

To defineTHE MIXED FEEDINGThe indication to the mixed feeding of the child is the lack of parent milk or an illness of mother at which reduction of number of chest feedings is necessary.

To define volume , carry out control feedings of the child by a breast and establish missing amount of milk.

Efficiency of the mixed feeding depends on a ratio in a daily diet of female milk and the mixes used for .

If female milk makes more than daily allowances of a diet, efficiency of the mixed feeding comes nearer to the natural.

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Of everything


Likely, in the breakage the world is not present parents who would not know the fairy tale Zo a lushka therefore it is easy to guess that means is sung by scientific research institute on the Cinderellas type.

In such family the kid does not know about caress and love.

Its all the time humiliate and offend.

He constantly feels unnecessary, bad, defective, a burden in the house.

Of everything is afraid, especially a niya another, according to the parents, much to the best children.

The child does everything from it possible to resemble an ideal of parents.

It pleases them, the laniya warns them.

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Takeoff, apparently, do not disturb

Takeoff, apparently, do not disturb During take off and landing nurse the child from a small bottle or let's to it something suck or drink.

If during takeoff the child sleeps, to awake him it is not necessary.

Takeoff, apparently, do not disturb to such an extent ears of small passengers, as landing.

If saask comes in the land is the unique case in life when it is necessary to wake the child intentionally.

In a dream Eustachian tubes do not work properly for pressure alignment.

If the child has cold or a stuffy nose, use special oral antiedematous means or drops in a nose recommended by your doctor approximately for half an hour before takeoff.

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The head is no more

The head is no more The head, a trunk, extremities are drawn.

The head with a trunk a neck.

The head is no more than trunk, on it a detail bath hair, ears, eyes, a mouth, a nose.

Hands finish are howled by a brush, feet are unbent the foot is looked through, the figure has men's wear and is drawn in the sky way a contour integral, it is visible that feet grow from a trunk, instead of are attached to it.

points implementation of all requirements, except a tichesky way of drawing.

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Against boundless

Against boundless You for it top which it would be desirable to climb up, and every day the child an ascension piece to this top.

But the mountain footpath is so twisting and so abrupt.

Therefore to surprises.

Against boundless love to mother the kid to identify itself with parents of the same floor, as it.

Identifyin the boy can for hours and hours not an enthusiastic look from the father, aspiring to turn by all means into a copy from it.

It in three years about hundred does not know that the copy cannot become the original.

But nevertheless he aspires to it, adopting all manners and habits of the father even then when them it would be not necessary a feather .

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