The newborn

The newborn The majority safely passes this stage and if the instinct of a sosaniye was satisfied in infancy, the habit to suck a finger is forgotten.

When pacifiers cannot be used by no means In the first weeks of chest feeding.

When the child learns to suck a breast, in his mouth there should not be nothin except a nipple of mother.

The newborn should learn to suck so to receive more milk.

The child sucks a baby's dummy differently, than a parent nipple.

Some newborns, but not everythin start to be confused, if at the same time with a breast to them give a baby's dummy or a small bottle with a dummy.

The baby's dummy has the narrow basis and babies do not need to open a mouth widely.

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In spite of the fact

In spite of the factIn spite of the fact that garlic application, , Chinese and a ginseng is widespread in traditional medicine, there are no data on as far as they are safe for pregnant women.

Experts do not recommend to accept them, but if you after all risked, bear responsibility for the life and life of future child!Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONWhat plants are useful during pregnancy The I trimester of pregnancy try not to accept at all herbs, except for having the softest influence, for example, a chemist's camomile and ginger.

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For the majority

For the majority You stand also that and another.

ATTENTION! Be able to be reconstructed.

Let's assume that the scenario of yours ro did not lead to desirable result.

Trust in the doctor, agree on scenario change.

If it in interests of the child and in your own, agree on medical and surgical intervention.

Choose a situation in which you would want to give birth.

For the majority of parents we recommend delivery rooms in which the woman in labor is in the same chamber during patrimonial activity, actually childbirth and the subsequent period of restoration of forces.

It not usual chamber.

In it the special atmosphere is created after all new life here begins.

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Jane told. Now I Really

Jane told. Now I Really To pair of nights Emily was indignant because nanoseconds give it a small bottle, but Barry again sat down to it that she calmed down and fell asleep, and she got used to it.

Hook as Emily started to get enough sleep, her behavior began to be corrected.

With Barry and Jane were happy us never was time to talk with each other as Emily always was near.

Jane told.

Now I Really feel that I .

Fast returnHerbie, Miles and EllaFor children of a family the Price new rules of reception of a bath and fairy tales also were entered before them will be Small angelsto put to bed much earlier than usual time.

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In their opinion, it not only

In their opinion, it not only Pediatristsanesthesiologists recommend to give to the child juice, artificial nutrition or to nurse it not less than for h to an anesthesia.

Some experts reduce this time to h when feeding by a breast, considering a good and fast usvaivayemost of chest milk.

In their opinion, it not only is safe, but also soothingly affects the child before operation.

Symptoms of an illness which to you should be known In spite of the fact that the kid cannot explain words where at it bolit, to understand that he fell ill, you can by the form and to the changed behavior.

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