The atmosphere

The atmosphereJay Kulera's tableSevenyear Jay Kungrochenyagrsssinpodralgya with the brother Owen, and their mother Katie very much was afraid that it can seriously wound Owen.

The atmosphere in the house was very intense and unhappy.

In the early childhood Jay became the witness of a physical abuse over mother, and his behavior was reflection of it.

His selfimage also was very low.

The table with stickers for it and his pyatiletiy brother should be cheerful and stimulate to achievement of success.

Their table and rules were very similar to the table and Matthew Christie's rules, on the whole their day was divided into lesyatiminutny pieces.

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In it to add the kindled

In it to add the kindledIn it to add the kindled butter, a yolk pounded with granulated sugar and dissolved with milk, rubbed on a small grater a pestilence , it is good to mix.

Into the received weight carefully to enter the shakenup protein, to shift it in the oiled form and to place on .

EAOROVOGO'S FOOD of the CHILD a water bath for minutes to put on the lattice lowered in a pan with boiling water.

Rice water ml, carrots eggs piece I, sugar of butter g.

VERMICELLI DAIRYIn boiling milk with water m vermicelli to salt and cook to semireadiness, then to add sugar and to continue cooking to submultiple readiness.

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If you do not see at the son any signs

If you do not see at the son any signs With its task was to crack programs and by that to find tears in protection systems.

If you do not see at the son any signs of tendency to risk in this or that look, look back back whether came to it mind at preschool age to build an oneandahalfmeter tower from a table and chairs and, having thrown shoulders with a cover, to jump from this height, to check, whether he will depart, how the superpersonTestosterone contributes men to search of risky adventures.

They spend a lot of energy in attempts to shake system, to investigate the possibilities and to throw down a challenge to traditional views.

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How it is unreal, if isYour

How it is unreal, if isYour The fact which though explains why the child develops back a little.

Look narrowly more attentively at the child it vy or after all the patient It seems, not that and not another.

But after all it is simply unreal.

How it is unreal, if isYour kid in special the third condition between we twist also an illness.

Something similar was tested by you when were pregnant.

But constantly to be in the third with standing it is impossible.

Therefore today or tomorrow your child or simply really will fall ill, or again becomes by itself.

If expressiveness of a stress at the child is minimum, shortly you will forget about negative shifts of adaptable process and that disturbs you .

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Be not surprised, if reaction

Be not surprised, if reaction It is necessary to achieve that this address sounded quietly, freely, naturally, did not hold down you.

It will show to the child that you for yourselves were defined in the solution of this problem and are firmly ready to execute it.

Further, when the child will acquire that it now for a certain point, on Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONextent of the next several weeks in the same way transfer to the child responsibility for other points from his list.

Be not surprised, if reaction to all events at your child appears unexpected.

It can be irritation, he can accuse you of unwillingness about it to care, that you do not love it, he can rejoice obviously, still badly imagining consequences of the similar decision or, on the contrary, to try to go on popyatny, aspiring to get rid of the pulled hard responsibility.

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