Correctly Step of the second pressing on a breast.

If at otkashlivaniye of simplification does not come the proof of the return cough or crying of the kid serve, or you see the droppedout subject and the child still does not breathe, overturn it and put on the hip.

Quickly and strongly press times on a breast of the child.

Correctly to find the right place, carry out mentally the line on a breast of the child between nipples and be displaced below for width of a finger.

For fast pressing use or fingers.

Depth of a push , inch from , to , cm.

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Bringing up the kid, we sometimes

Bringing up the kid, we sometimesIn years the boy knows well, as men should behave, and will not burst into tears on trifles.

And girl Bad habits of good children.

will start to look for sympathy at adults and will not want to hide the offense.

Bringing up the kid, we sometimes involuntarily encourage severity of the boy and even its aggression.

But for de of a vochka a standard humility.

We as if would not notice, if the boy climbs on de or jumps through a ditch, we do not interfere with his desperate acts.

For the girl on it the veto.

And if after all it decides on such, for it will reach, as a loop, our threats reminding a sting of bees.

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For r to readiness

For r to readiness g of the nettle, one and a half glass of water, tablespoons of a flour, Ij of a glass of vegetable oil, head of garlic, tablespoon of vinegar, eggs, pepper.

NETTLE FROM SOUP With F And EGGTo cut and weld potatoes, carrots, parsley and other components to taste.

For r to readiness to put small cut young leaves of a nettle.

To submit with sour cream or kefir and egg.

R And About R IYaSOUP FROM OAT FLAKES WITH THE NETTLEHalfglass of oat flakes and tubers of sliced potatoes cook to readiness.

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This effect

This effectIt is counted up that from three to four years frequency of communication of children with parents and with contemporaries is approximately identical.

Because since three years at the kid usually time socalled symbolical, or, otherwise, about different thinkin the child can feel presence of parents even then when their row is not present.

This effect of absent presence is supported only those way which the kid reproduces.

As a rule, the child by three years almost acquires the native language for %.

The active dictionary of the kid from three to four grows literally not on days, and on hours, approximately to hundred new words in a month.

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It is possible

It is possible Task Srisovyvaniye of points point exact copying of a sample.

Insignificant deviations from a line or a column.

Can be reduce scientific research institute or increase in a sample, but it is no more than twice.

Drawing is parallel to a sample.

points number and an arrangement of points correspond to a sample.

It is possible not to consider deviations no more than three points on a distance half between points.

points drawing as a whole correspond to a sample, without exceeding it on width and height more than twice.

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