Any action takes

Any action takesThe humiliating verbal aggression parents usually try to appease fondly impulsive aggression a benka, without thinking that your kid, having become more senior, with success approves such lesson on you.

One more type of educational aggression corporal aggression aggression of a slap, stereotypic flogging.

Unequal fight in GrecoRoman wrestling of the heavyweight with an ephemerality of Thumbelina.

Any action takes a revenge counteraction.

The slap can once respond furious violence, and a flogging deliberate murder.

Brushed a benok, having matured, otvetno, as if a ricochet, will be on a stream of the aggression on own children, brushing them , prilizyvy bangs and if it is necessary, even cutting.

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Itself to thought

Itself to thought rate of the business activity, and pass to easier work better or go to long holiday.

itself to thought that pregnancy is not temporary inconvenience which it is necessary to endure, and laborious, creative and joyful activity.

to conduct a writingbook where you will write down all important dates the first day of the last periods, pregnancy term at the first visit of female consultation, the beginning and the toxicosis end, the first movement of the child and also results of all passable researches; the description of your childbirth later will increase.

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