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Let's understand

His owls this are not difficult for convicting.To think up a penalty, punishment for it.To be indignant and indignant, let off steam.Let's understand better how to help the child and it to the truth suddenly prefers lie What is lie, its motives, its undercurrentsThe relentless statistics considers that about % of children lie, and not only , and even school students, on a drostka.But before starting to lie purposely, the benok often says lies, without understanding it.

Why at us Chromosomal

That is why one is studied not, and it is a lot of blood cells.Sometimes, but not in all cases, at the child with mosaic type defeat is expressed less.Why at us Chromosomal violations occur casually.You cannot cause them that not so did something during pregnancy.The woman is born with a certain set of the ova, new for life are not developed.The more long there lives an ovum, the high probability of that something will occur to it incorrectly.Why it happens with spermatozoa a riddle.New spermatozoa are constantly created by an organism.Such concept as the old spermatozoon, does not exist.For any unclear reasons the risk of a nedorasshchepleniye in spermatozoa increases, when to the man in years.

At morning

In this case we will allow only easy carbohydrate tea with honey, , a chocolate slice, etc The food is desirable for accepting in , hours prior to the beginning of Intensive physical activities and not earlier than in minutes after the completion of trainin and only the easy.Distribution of a daily diet on separate receptions should correspond to time of physical occupations.At morning occupations with big physical activity power value of a breakfast a little decreases and value of a dinner increases.At intensive evening lessons power value and a breakfast and a dinner raises.

The first

Crotch cut or in the direction to back pass perineotomiya, or from top to bottom and a little sideways at an angle ° a median and lateral epiziotomiya.The first type of a cut is more effective, but is sometimes fraught with serious complications especially if the cut is torn to a rectum.The second type is less dangerous, but, unfortunately, can worse heal.Much more often in childbirth use the second type of a cut as if necessary it can be prolonged and there is no danger to touch an anus.The cut is usually carried out without anesthesia.


Correct step.Move in three planes, alternating these dvizhea niya.Movement up down most of all calms the child; it turns out better, when you go, crossing from a sock on a heel, slightly rising and falling.Correct rhythm.Best of all calms the child a rhythm of steps in a minute consider about itself eleven time, eleven two etc This rhythm corresponds to pulse of the child in a womb.Continue dance, forces at the dancer will not run low yet or your child will not calm down.Change partners.Children got used to movements of mother for kneading tsev of prenatal life more.And still to change partners it is necessary.

Seasonal fluctuations

Pri the primary use of the refined products sugar, products from a flour of the premiums, the cleared rice, etc.arrives few vitamins of group of V.Pri a long food by only vegetative food the lack of Bn vitamin develops.Seasonal fluctuations of the content of vitamins B foodstuff.During the winter and spring period in vegetables and fruit the amount of vitamin C, in dairy products and eggs decreases vitamins A and D.Besides, a FOOD AND HERBAL MEDICINE by AETYA AT VARIOUS DISEASES becomes in the spring less range of vegetables and fruit sources of vitamins C, R and carotene provitamin A.Wrong storage on light, at room temperature out of the refrigerator, etc.

Before feeding

At kids after three months well proved mashed potatoes from baked apples without a peel, possessing ability to absorb gases and to promote intestines.Before feeding always put the child on a tummy.Let's to it suck too greedy and .After feeding take the child vertically that air could leave a stomach.At emergence of pains put to the child on a tummy a warm oil compress or massage a tummy About minutes easy stroking roundabouts clockwise.It is possible to give to the child teaspoon of ukropny water or caraway tea.Often newborns have a vomiting not always testifying to an illness because the factors promoting vomiting at children of this age, the horizontal arrangement of a stomach, its small volume and weakness of gastric muscles are.

Also physical

Considerable intellectual tension of pupils which in recent years essentially increased in connection with increase in a flow of information, complication school r, a training combination in school with inservice training belongs to features of this age period also.Also physical activity of school students increases.The network of special schools and boarding schools with profound studying of separate subjects, with training in a foreign language every year grows, etc.All this shows the increased requirements connected with big power consumption and with considerable consumption of food substances to an organism of the school student.

At some

Once Stephen and his big brother Peter sat in several foots from each other and threw a ball therehere.At some instant our cat approached and took seat just on a way of movement of a ball.Stephen understood that will get to it if will throw a ball in the former direction therefore it moved a little and threw a ball to St.Petersbur without having touched thus a cat.Quickly developing memory of your child helps it better than a pony mother how things can be interconnected.So, the ball at it associates with a baseball bat, a pencil with paper.

Please, will

Others after a small bottle incorrectly take a breast therefore whenever possible try not to use it.When the child will get stronger, pass to highgrade chest feedin passing a small bottle stage, or combine chest feeding and a small bottle that will appear better for the child and mother.Please, will suffice.I was tired! Important not the premature or sick child too us toychivy and obligatory feeding.It can appear that energy spent by it will exceed received from feeding and it will raise and develop too slowly.

If the most

Usually the first the child represents or most favourite to them the member of the family, or, in his opinion, the most considerable and toritetny in the house.If the most considerable the child itself, it, without hiding it, draws the figure of the first.After a dovatelnost of an arrangement of other members of the family and their serial numbers point to the relation of the child to them rather for their role in a family in the opinion of the child or on their relation, according to drawin to it.The above serial but measures at the represented member of the family, the lower it authority at the child.

From game with

He will learn to knock on cubes soon, to throw them or to put.While it again and again shifts a cube from a hand in a hand.It is better to begin with one cube let's to the child time get used.Then put before it one more and look, as the kid, holding one cube in a hand, will try to seize new other hand.He looks at hands, in each of which on a cube, and as though deliberates what to do farther.Probably, it will start to knock them the friend about the friend.In a month he will learn to postpone one cube to take another.From game with cubes the kid can learn much.He manages to do with it everything that he wants, and it encourages it to development of more difficult skill he learns to take subjects by means of only big and index fingers.

But it not reason

Even if your kid is already accustomed to a pot and it does not cause in it hostility, the child all the same can have troubles.But it not reason for punishment.It is possible to tell something it seems At everyone there are troubles.Once absolutely young figure skater and as it is known, in figure skating of children gather since threefour years managed on training to wet panties.The trainer, in the past the known figure skater, reacted to it philosophically Well the person, eventually can reflect However if similar forgetfulness repeats in increasing frequency, parents should reflect whether there are here no other factors Perhaps, in your family there was one more kid and the firstborn feels lonely and thrown Moving to the new house, family disorders, any changes in life of the kid can lead to delivery of Gorshkovy positions.

For you told

The feathers will dawn upon you, and under his wings will be safe; a board and a protection its truth.You will not be frightened of horrors at nights, the arrows, flying in the afternoon, an ulcer going in a gloom, an infection devastating at midday.One thousand and ten thousand odesny you will fall beside you; but to you will not come nearer.You will look only your eyes and to see punishment impious.For you told The Lord my hope; Supreme you chose your shelter.The evil will not happen to you, and the ulcer will not come nearer to your dwelling.For to the Angels about you to protect you on all your ways.

However everything

We cannot present with you that, on what Ben the kid from good motives.However everything that in this list, it is simple a code la that we immediately included a control panel a benok that from a position on start rushed to the finish and that.snatched on the kid.And.we carry out it.How more often we brush the childWe are insolent to it and we contradict, we row, to thujas, at all we do not listen to it, we go obstinate and, being irritated, all rubbish is taken out from a log hut.We fight, teased and anger .And parrotin apin as though nivay the kid, otvetno posing the same mugs which he posed to us.


The remark both for children, and for adults do not forget that pokito give the own house it is necessary with an empty bladder.Preliminary conditions Selection of suitable candidates.For such highspeed training podkho only the kids, able to speak, staying in good mood and feeling desire to please the trainers.Game situation.Approach to this occupation as by a week of the closest communication with own child, and treat this business, as to game.Put aside other affairs.You should be constantly at the child during the whole period of its wakefulness, watching each its signal, gesture, a telodvizheniye saying that he tests the corresponding desires.

To resort

To use them it is recognized irrational because of the low content of salts and the high content of sugar which can strengthen a diarrhea.To resort to them it is possible only in case you could not get solution reasonably to keep houses a small bottle in store The early beginning of feeding provides an organism with the necessary nutrients and can accelerate recovery process.The American pediatric academy recommends renewal of normal baby food in days and a usual diet of the child in days.

Any action takes

The humiliating verbal aggression parents usually try to appease fondly impulsive aggression a benka, without thinking that your kid, having become more senior, with success approves such lesson on you.One more type of educational aggression corporal aggression aggression of a slap, stereotypic flogging.Unequal fight in GrecoRoman wrestling of the heavyweight with an ephemerality of Thumbelina.Any action takes a revenge counteraction.The slap can once respond furious violence, and a flogging deliberate murder.Brushed a benok, having matured, otvetno, as if a ricochet, will be on a stream of the aggression on own children, brushing them , prilizyvy bangs and if it is necessary, even cutting.

Itself to thought

rate of the business activity, and pass to easier work better or go to long holiday.itself to thought that pregnancy is not temporary inconvenience which it is necessary to endure, and laborious, creative and joyful activity.to conduct a writingbook where you will write down all important dates the first day of the last periods, pregnancy term at the first visit of female consultation, the beginning and the toxicosis end, the first movement of the child and also results of all passable researches; the description of your childbirth later will increase.

Postpone another

Though life with the newborn is not always covered with roses, there are the ways, helping to create the good house atmosphere.Postpone another matters.The majority of mothers try not only to provide necessary care of the newborn, but also as soon as possible to alter a set of another matters.Ponder, please, what sense is put in the words child care leave and leave all affairs to someone to another, and be engaged in the newborn.The child will be a newborn only one month.These can wait almost all affairs weeks.Put on respectively.Do not remove a nightgown within weeks; sit in a rockingchair and luxuriate our course of classes in adjustment of family life with the newborn so opens.

It confirms

Researchers found out that the content of lactose in milk of a mammal, the more his brain is higher.It confirms great value of lactose for development of the central nervous system.Lactose also improves digestion of the calcium necessary for growth of bones.Lactose not only promotes growth of a brain and bones, it is necessary to intestines, thanks to it useful intestinal bacteria of Lactobacilla bufidus breed.Vitamins, mineral salts and iron Nobody can provide the child with these substances how it mozhethose to make you.

Svobodo lyuby

Also fill up because of it hardly., can be in various mood, from the best to the worst, that in the afternoon they expect.Usually these children quickly adapt to many attributes of the new organized collective and very long to requirements of preschool institutions.They laid down to reconcile to any verbal punishment, not in forces to take out, when the punishment purpose imprisonment.There is no more humiliation for them, than to stand in a corner.Svobodo lyuby them it is boundless.The IV type weak melancholic temperament melancholiac.Not all scientists agree still that there is in general on light this temperament, as it simply an indicator bost of the child.

Mary still

Mary still wants to work, but feels also requirement to support close connection with the kid.She understands that missed in the first months it is possible to make up, and decides to plunge gradually into work, using behavior of the child as the indicator of duration of separation.Strong attachment to the son does heavier separation from it, but, on the other hand, it and facilitates it.At heart Mary understands that James who from the very beginning has learned care and caress, like trust to parents, will quicker get used to other person.

In the situation

Besides, it is more convenient to parents to communicate with the child being in that is a lump a condition.At situation the child is turned into cradles faced to mother, and it, according to researchers, best of all helps to establish connection between people.In the situation kangaroo at the child magnificent conditions for world contemplation the review in °.He learns to choose looks on what wants, and looks away from that does not involve it.And possibility of a choice promotes training.The child whom carry, joins the world more Other feature stimulating knowledge, possibility of deep penetration of the child in the world of the one who carries it is.

Very often we provoke

The kid is afraid that you betrayed it that will not come behind it in the evening to take away home.The kid is afraid.Very often we provoke it ny fear.And this fear a stress source, and attacks can be regarded it as starting mechanisms of stressful reactions.III.Anger.Sometimes against a stress at the child the anger which breaks outside, written but on a face flashes.During such moment your kid as if the small aggressor, a panther is ready to jump on the offender, defending the correctness.

More often

Danger arises only when the child for some minutes becomes blue that at temperature spasms happens seldom.More often right after such attack the kid falls asleep unlike the frightened parents.Lifting of the temperature which has caused spasms for the first time, can through provoke a repeated attack for an hour or two.Therefore right after spasms it is necessary to give to the child febrifuges.If the kid fell asleep, insert to it an atsetaminofenovy candle and do not wrap up it.If the child does not sleep, try to give it more drink but not food that in case of repeated spasms it did not choke with pieces of food; give it and place under a shower, in a bath or rub off a damp sponge, having felt approach of a new spasm.


And here from sex standing and poses of equestrian it is better to refuse.After sex for bigger effect rise in a pose of birch or minutes lie down on a back.Whether it is possible to plan a sex of the childNow there are many ways to program a sex of future child, but any of them does not give % ache guarantees of that you will give birth to the baby of a desirable floor.Not without reason say that nothing can occur contrary to destiny.Artificial insemination.Ekstrakorporalnoye fertilisation allows almost from % ache probability to order the boy or the girl.The received ovum impregnate in a test tube therefore the embryo develops.


TerminationVitamins Signs of vitamin insufficiency Care for NAndDWITH, RBlNervous systemFast mental rDefeat of peripheral nerves of extremities, mainly the bottomNeurotic syndrome rashchrazhiteljnost, sleeplessness, depression, block; neuromuscular pains of Violation from nervous system spasms, paralyses, paresis, etc.; disorder of a food of nervous fabrics Psychological frustration depression, mental reactions, irritability, sleeplessness, etc.Violation of an exchange of fats in a nervous fabric, a liver, kidneys, a cardiac muscleKidneys Regeneration an epiteliya in the kidney and in urinary ways as the development reason , , cystitis the General conditionGeneral weakness, irritabilityMuscular weaknessGeneral weaknessFast mental and physical r, muscular weakness, r when walking; at a palpation morbidity of ikronozhny musclesThe reasons of insufficiency of these or those vitamins B an organism of the child r to be different from elementary deficiency of vitamins B a food allowance to serious diseases, especially gastroenteric path, or metabolic disorders.

Therefore the kid all on business, defending

Therefore the kid all on business, defending before us the personality, and its mentality becomes ranimy, than before, to influence ny circumstances of environment.And here is how time you when your child, more than ever, needs you, in your his understandin and the main thing support when it is necessary to you and is necessary its weakened nervous system, as if tsialno, in addition to mental loading of crisis of three years, involuntarily shoulder the kid one more heavy cargo cargo of adaptation to a kindergarten, not a pony of May that all this will tear it.And the part of children and really overstrains, to what testify seen of a meneniye in usual behavior of the child.

During other

Sometimes the kid wants, that you simply kept it the company at the table while he eats independently.During other time insists, that you fed him, and only your spoon.Sometimes we play game you will take a few spoon, and mother will give you a little bit to the.The child can accept these conditions and continue And I will give to mother a little bit.On a visit with the small child Expression children should be visible, but whether is audible, probably, pridumaowners of restaurants.Here some councils how to make a dinner with the kid pleasant or at least tolerable.It is best of all, if you feed the child before going with it somewhere, or at once as soon as will come to restaurant, order for it something from the food which is not demanding to a lot of time for preparation.

To define

THE MIXED FEEDINGThe indication to the mixed feeding of the child is the lack of parent milk or an illness of mother at which reduction of number of chest feedings is necessary.To define volume , carry out control feedings of the child by a breast and establish missing amount of milk.Efficiency of the mixed feeding depends on a ratio in a daily diet of female milk and the mixes used for .If female milk makes more than daily allowances of a diet, efficiency of the mixed feeding comes nearer to the natural.

Of everything

EDUCATION ON the CINDERELLAS TYPE.Likely, in the breakage the world is not present parents who would not know the fairy tale Zo a lushka therefore it is easy to guess that means is sung by scientific research institute on the Cinderellas type.In such family the kid does not know about caress and love.Its all the time humiliate and offend.He constantly feels unnecessary, bad, defective, a burden in the house.Of everything is afraid, especially a niya another, according to the parents, much to the best children.The child does everything from it possible to resemble an ideal of parents.It pleases them, the laniya warns them.

Takeoff, apparently, do not disturb

During take off and landing nurse the child from a small bottle or let's to it something suck or drink.If during takeoff the child sleeps, to awake him it is not necessary.Takeoff, apparently, do not disturb to such an extent ears of small passengers, as landing.If saask comes in the land is the unique case in life when it is necessary to wake the child intentionally.In a dream Eustachian tubes do not work properly for pressure alignment.If the child has cold or a stuffy nose, use special oral antiedematous means or drops in a nose recommended by your doctor approximately for half an hour before takeoff.

The head is no more

The head, a trunk, extremities are drawn.The head with a trunk a neck.The head is no more than trunk, on it a detail bath hair, ears, eyes, a mouth, a nose.Hands finish are howled by a brush, feet are unbent the foot is looked through, the figure has men's wear and is drawn in the sky way a contour integral, it is visible that feet grow from a trunk, instead of are attached to it.points implementation of all requirements, except a tichesky way of drawing.

Against boundless

You for it top which it would be desirable to climb up, and every day the child an ascension piece to this top.But the mountain footpath is so twisting and so abrupt.Therefore to surprises.Against boundless love to mother the kid to identify itself with parents of the same floor, as it.Identifyin the boy can for hours and hours not an enthusiastic look from the father, aspiring to turn by all means into a copy from it.It in three years about hundred does not know that the copy cannot become the original.But nevertheless he aspires to it, adopting all manners and habits of the father even then when them it would be not necessary a feather .

The newborn

The majority safely passes this stage and if the instinct of a sosaniye was satisfied in infancy, the habit to suck a finger is forgotten.When pacifiers cannot be used by no means In the first weeks of chest feeding.When the child learns to suck a breast, in his mouth there should not be nothin except a nipple of mother.The newborn should learn to suck so to receive more milk.The child sucks a baby's dummy differently, than a parent nipple.Some newborns, but not everythin start to be confused, if at the same time with a breast to them give a baby's dummy or a small bottle with a dummy.The baby's dummy has the narrow basis and babies do not need to open a mouth widely.

In spite of the fact

In spite of the fact that garlic application, , Chinese and a ginseng is widespread in traditional medicine, there are no data on as far as they are safe for pregnant women.Experts do not recommend to accept them, but if you after all risked, bear responsibility for the life and life of future child!Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONWhat plants are useful during pregnancy The I trimester of pregnancy try not to accept at all herbs, except for having the softest influence, for example, a chemist's camomile and ginger.

For the majority

You stand also that and another.ATTENTION! Be able to be reconstructed.Let's assume that the scenario of yours ro did not lead to desirable result.Trust in the doctor, agree on scenario change.If it in interests of the child and in your own, agree on medical and surgical intervention.Choose a situation in which you would want to give birth.For the majority of parents we recommend delivery rooms in which the woman in labor is in the same chamber during patrimonial activity, actually childbirth and the subsequent period of restoration of forces.It not usual chamber.In it the special atmosphere is created after all new life here begins.

Jane told. Now I Really

In their opinion, it not only

Pediatristsanesthesiologists recommend to give to the child juice, artificial nutrition or to nurse it not less than for h to an anesthesia.Some experts reduce this time to h when feeding by a breast, considering a good and fast usvaivayemost of chest milk.In their opinion, it not only is safe, but also soothingly affects the child before operation.Symptoms of an illness which to you should be known In spite of the fact that the kid cannot explain words where at it bolit, to understand that he fell ill, you can by the form and to the changed behavior.

The atmosphere

Jay Kulera's tableSevenyear Jay Kungrochenyagrsssinpodralgya with the brother Owen, and their mother Katie very much was afraid that it can seriously wound Owen.The atmosphere in the house was very intense and unhappy.In the early childhood Jay became the witness of a physical abuse over mother, and his behavior was reflection of it.His selfimage also was very low.The table with stickers for it and his pyatiletiy brother should be cheerful and stimulate to achievement of success.Their table and rules were very similar to the table and Matthew Christie's rules, on the whole their day was divided into lesyatiminutny pieces.

In it to add the kindled

In it to add the kindled butter, a yolk pounded with granulated sugar and dissolved with milk, rubbed on a small grater a pestilence , it is good to mix.Into the received weight carefully to enter the shakenup protein, to shift it in the oiled form and to place on .EAOROVOGO'S FOOD of the CHILD a water bath for minutes to put on the lattice lowered in a pan with boiling water.Rice water ml, carrots eggs piece I, sugar of butter g.VERMICELLI DAIRYIn boiling milk with water m vermicelli to salt and cook to semireadiness, then to add sugar and to continue cooking to submultiple readiness.

If you do not see at the son any signs

With its task was to crack programs and by that to find tears in protection systems.If you do not see at the son any signs of tendency to risk in this or that look, look back back whether came to it mind at preschool age to build an oneandahalfmeter tower from a table and chairs and, having thrown shoulders with a cover, to jump from this height, to check, whether he will depart, how the superpersonTestosterone contributes men to search of risky adventures.They spend a lot of energy in attempts to shake system, to investigate the possibilities and to throw down a challenge to traditional views.

How it is unreal, if isYour

The fact which though explains why the child develops back a little.Look narrowly more attentively at the child it vy or after all the patient It seems, not that and not another.But after all it is simply unreal.How it is unreal, if isYour kid in special the third condition between we twist also an illness.Something similar was tested by you when were pregnant.But constantly to be in the third with standing it is impossible.Therefore today or tomorrow your child or simply really will fall ill, or again becomes by itself.If expressiveness of a stress at the child is minimum, shortly you will forget about negative shifts of adaptable process and that disturbs you .

Be not surprised, if reaction

It is necessary to achieve that this address sounded quietly, freely, naturally, did not hold down you.It will show to the child that you for yourselves were defined in the solution of this problem and are firmly ready to execute it.Further, when the child will acquire that it now for a certain point, on Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONextent of the next several weeks in the same way transfer to the child responsibility for other points from his list.Be not surprised, if reaction to all events at your child appears unexpected.It can be irritation, he can accuse you of unwillingness about it to care, that you do not love it, he can rejoice obviously, still badly imagining consequences of the similar decision or, on the contrary, to try to go on popyatny, aspiring to get rid of the pulled hard responsibility.


Step of the second pressing on a breast.If at otkashlivaniye of simplification does not come the proof of the return cough or crying of the kid serve, or you see the droppedout subject and the child still does not breathe, overturn it and put on the hip.Quickly and strongly press times on a breast of the child.Correctly to find the right place, carry out mentally the line on a breast of the child between nipples and be displaced below for width of a finger.For fast pressing use or fingers.Depth of a push , inch from , to , cm.

Bringing up the kid, we sometimes

In years the boy knows well, as men should behave, and will not burst into tears on trifles.And girl Bad habits of good children.will start to look for sympathy at adults and will not want to hide the offense.Bringing up the kid, we sometimes involuntarily encourage severity of the boy and even its aggression.But for de of a vochka a standard humility.We as if would not notice, if the boy climbs on de or jumps through a ditch, we do not interfere with his desperate acts.For the girl on it the veto.And if after all it decides on such, for it will reach, as a loop, our threats reminding a sting of bees.

For r to readiness

g of the nettle, one and a half glass of water, tablespoons of a flour, Ij of a glass of vegetable oil, head of garlic, tablespoon of vinegar, eggs, pepper.NETTLE FROM SOUP With F And EGGTo cut and weld potatoes, carrots, parsley and other components to taste.For r to readiness to put small cut young leaves of a nettle.To submit with sour cream or kefir and egg.R And About R IYaSOUP FROM OAT FLAKES WITH THE NETTLEHalfglass of oat flakes and tubers of sliced potatoes cook to readiness.

This effect

It is counted up that from three to four years frequency of communication of children with parents and with contemporaries is approximately identical.Because since three years at the kid usually time socalled symbolical, or, otherwise, about different thinkin the child can feel presence of parents even then when their row is not present.This effect of absent presence is supported only those way which the kid reproduces.As a rule, the child by three years almost acquires the native language for %.The active dictionary of the kid from three to four grows literally not on days, and on hours, approximately to hundred new words in a month.

It is possible

Task Srisovyvaniye of points point exact copying of a sample.Insignificant deviations from a line or a column.Can be reduce scientific research institute or increase in a sample, but it is no more than twice.Drawing is parallel to a sample.points number and an arrangement of points correspond to a sample.It is possible not to consider deviations no more than three points on a distance half between points.points drawing as a whole correspond to a sample, without exceeding it on width and height more than twice.

When the kid dreams

When you very often frighten the child and he action telno is afraid you of the givenup threats, considerin what not to protect itself, remember on this background sooner or later there can be a fear neurosis.When the kid dreams to combine incompatible laniye and feelings, and you indulge it.You accelerate development of neurosis of persuasive conditions.When you give attention to the child a little, and it to your caress and love, at any cost trying to remind you of yourself, you provoke hysterical not .

The right

Now, when more and more parents break councils of experts, this way of feedin fortunately, revived.The right to return such tradition, as the general with the child has also a dream.CAN NOT LEAVE We like to sleep with the child, and it helps, but whether there are reasons for concern Friends warn us that it will be a pity to us to send sooner or later the child in a cot and he will not want to leave.No, and it will not be a pity to you and the child with you will leave in due time hunting.Certainly, he will not declare at once Well everythin I am ready, allocate to me, please, a separate bed and a separate room.

Others it is unshakable, are almost

One parents insist on trimming for the religious reasons or owing to custom, others consider it useful to health.One young father told once to me I want, that the penis of my son did not demand big leaving.Others it is unshakable, are almost militant on preservation of an extreme flesh.Is also such which are frightened off by procedure.They consider what to address with the child coming to the world, it is necessary very carefully.The picture of trimming averts them.If you did not make yet decisions as you to arrive with the son, read further.

And whether

However a sharp blade Prokrusta cuts souls of modern men almost the same as sparkling knifes of the ancient pierced in bodies of their boys.Our men play those roles of which from them were demanded by our computer century.And whether there is a right freely to choose, how to them to live the lives, at uneducated, poor, patients and less trained people in our culture To be born black, to be the woman, to live in city slums, to be the homosexual all this does not remain in our culture without consequences, everything leaves hems, irrespective of the constitution proclaiming inalienable rights.It seems to us that we extended for a long time to ourselves rough lifestyle of ancient people for the violence directed on boys in our modern culture, is represented not less painful and deeply travmatichny.

A surface

Cabbage meat sauce rice g carrots , onions g.BAKED PUDDING POTATO WITH MEATCleared potatoes to boil and pass through a meat grinder.On, the avalanche of mashed potatoes an equal layer on the oiled frying pan, from above to put the mincemeat mixed with pripushenny with butter by chopped onions, to cover it with mashed potatoes.A surface to level! to grease with the egg mixed with sour cream, and to bake in an oven.Potatoes meat onions eggs pieces, butter sour cream g.BAKED PUDDING MEAT WITH MACARONISmall broken macaroni to lower in the boiling added some salt water and to cook about minutes.

As soon as the child

So, the child aspires to freedom and is afraid of it at the same time.How it is shown He wants to make something independently, to make the decision, but here it has a fear, and he makes an act which obviously will not be pleasant to adults, will touch them and will compel to make the decision for it.Parents, naturally, do not remain indifferent to an event, take measures, carry out control, speak, as it is necessary to arrive, a word, go on a nakatanny way.So can repeat several times.As soon as the child forced you to make the decision for it, it is again free! It is free from need to make independent decisions.Now he again can be indignant with an arbitrariness of parents, shout that to it do not give freedom, to insist on the.

Try to take

I do not like to beat the children, sobbed Alev, they do not deserve, that with them so .Alev only provoked slaps and shouts as an admissible manner of behavior.Rule if you want, that your child behaved more quietly, you should remain quiet.If you shout, they too will learn to shout.If you beat them, you teach them to fight.Try to take a step back.Do not enter quarrelsWicky Wells it was sure that Oliver tried to take out it from itself insults, such as I will kill you rusty .She was angry and argued with it, but it was difficult to it to supervise his disobedience and impudence, toSmall angelsespecially because it often argued with .

The III trimester

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSON to minimize reception of canned food, smoked products, solenost and marinades, and also hot spices and fat food, sausages, sausages.What should be a diet of future mother in the III trimester this time lay the main emphasis on vegetables, fruit, nuts, salads, greens, lactic and dairy products, tselnozernovy products, dried fruits.the III trimester observe a fivesingle diet.Growin future kid pushes aside a stomach up a little.Besides, the cardiovascular system tests the raised loading therefore a frequent food by small portions creates sparing mode.

Besides at such

Medicines at small children apply seldom Remember that the drugs applied to treatment of a diarrhea at adults, are unsafe for children.As such preparations stop a diarrhea, slowing down intestines work, it can worsen a condition of the diseased, microbes and the infected liquid stands in an abdominal cavity, possibility of their penetration into a bloodgroove where they can provoke a serious illness increases.Besides at such treatment stops diarrhea manifestations, but water absorption by intestines an internal diarrhea that conducts to the latent dehydration proceeds, to find which difficult.The diarrhea at the child can be reaction to antibiotics parents together that the acidophile powder powder accepted daily during treatment by antibiotics, reduces a diarrhea.

Show to the kid his special

Give the chance to the child to like your anticipation of an event after all kids usually are delighted with that caused such condition in you.Correct uniform.The most suitable suit in what mother gave rise if weather, of course, allows; it is possible to use and long spacious panties, but, please, without diapers.Show to the kid his special training panties.Show, how with them to address, as them to remove and again to pull.To give to action a festive situation, take pictures while it masters a novelty, and show them to the child.Show to the kid in front of the mirror all his movements on a snimaniye and putting on of panties.

The heating

And attentively watch a course of procedures on fall of heat and heat liberation until the child or the house will not come to a normal state.However we will assume that you will open windows, and the thermostat will forget vyklyu.The heating system will continue to develop heat to come to compliance with a mark established on the thermostat, and in the house will be still hot.Or we will present that you switched off heatin and windows did not open, thus the house will be cooled, but not so quickly.Both both mechanisms are necessary to the hot house, and the hot child decrease in production of heat and increase in its exit.


The postnatal depression is a signal that you exceeded physical, intellectual and emotional possibilities of adaptation to the new conditions demanding big expenses of energy.She speaks not about your insolvency, and means that ability of your body to adapt to changes is settled.Besides the childbirth which has taken away many forces, tiresome care of the child, to a postnatal depression can make a contribution and hormonal changes.But, though a postnatal depression and rather widespread phenomenon, it always can be avoided or, at least, to weaken its manifestation.Pay tribute to the ugnezdeniye period.Do not try to be everything for all at once.

In spite of the fact

Breakthroughs in growth.In spite of the fact that cards provide equal gradual progress, the majority of children grow absolutely in a different way as though the breakthroughs, alternating pauses.On their cards of development the moments of takeoff are replaced by the recession periods.But there are also such children who for the first year of life have a continuous uniform addition of weight and growth.Health and food.The weakened kid, at least it is temporary, pe energy which should go on growth, on recovery process.During prolonged cold growth of the child can stop; there is no breakthrough and right after a disease.

Adults want

When the child entered the teenage period, already mother'sfather's helps are not necessary to it, because it internally is already released from pressure of adult authority.As it was already told, it is a natural result of formation of the teenager as a result of which it finds independence.Adults want or do not want, it will be shown more and more.As though adults opposed, independence of the child will all the same be shown, but already in the conflict to adults.

Show a step. Your

Edition]; diapers; thin

disposable diapers for newborns; damp napkins; means on the care of skin of the newborn in coordination with neonatology [ Neonatolog the pediatrist who, as a rule, works in maternity hospital and specializes on supervision and treatment of newborns.Edition]; diapers; thin caps; baby's undershirts; if you against a pelenaniye, still prepare pairs romper suit better with a back, pairs nosochok, special mittens or baby's undershirts with the sleeves sewn up tightly are obligatory, jackets; blanket.Things necessary at extract from maternity hospital for mother clothes do not repeat a mistake of many young mothers, really estimate the new Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONthe size also prepare something more free and footwear; cosmetics bring together her in advance.


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